Rain Water Harvesting Systems

Engineered Solutions Canada Engineers and manufactures Rainwater skid package systems providing adaptability and ease of installation while maintaining maximum performance with high energy efficiency. We design and build to meet your specific requirements.

Engineered Solutions represents leading manufacturers of quality-engineered products in the commercial industry. Our products cover a wide variety of needs in commercial facilities, schools, restaurants, courthouses, stadiums, office buildings, convention centers, airport terminals, hospitals, prisons, and other public and private buildings.

We pride ourselves on finding superior solutions to all Rainwater – Greywater, & water collection issues. We include products in our systems which conform or exceed industry standard codes; all systems meet ANSI 63-2013 Rainwater Catchment Systems standards which comply to the commercial construction industry.

Our Vaughan and British Columbia stocking warehouses and Eastern representative offer accessibility of products to our Canada-wide distribution network which maintains fast and reliable service.

Our engineering staff offers their expertise and experience in providing an economical & streamlined solution to Rainwater, Greywater and water retention problems. We provide in-house training services for Engineering Consultants to help educate your engineering personnel & help with your design solutions.

We offer detailed and complete system designs for all applications. Let us help you resolve your problems.

Additional details on our services and solutions can be found here: Click here.

Please send any request to: orders@engineeredsolutionscan.com